Jurnal Al-Sirat 2024-05-08T08:43:13+08:00 Aaina Waheeda Open Journal Systems Jurnal Al-Sirat ADOPTING BEST PRACTICES: A COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF UK AND JAPAN WATER POLICIES FOR ENHANCED GOVERNANCE IN KLANG VALLEY, MALAYSIA 2024-05-03T10:53:17+08:00 Sanisah Sawon Raja Noriza Raja Ariffin <p>This study explores the complicated domain of water governance in the<br>Klang Valley of Malaysia. It aims to improve governance structures by<br>conducting a comparative examination of water policy in two globally<br>recognised contexts: the United Kingdom (UK) and Japan. The research<br>examines the fundamental concepts and successful examples of water<br>policies in the UK, which is known for its effective and sustainable water<br>management systems. These findings can potentially be used as a standard<br>for the Klang Valley. Moreover, an examination of Japan's water policy<br>provides significant knowledge, highlighting the potential applicability of<br>specific strategies in the Malaysian setting. The study methodology involves<br>analysing the available literature, papers, and records about water policies<br>in the UK and Japan. Furthermore, in-depth interviews with key stakeholders<br>involved in water governance in the Klang Valley are also conducted to<br>provide firsthand perspectives, hence guaranteeing a detailed<br>comprehension of the distinctive difficulties and prospects in the area. The<br>findings highlight practices that can be applied in many contexts and provide<br>clear recommendations for implementing and modifying effective policies.<br>The objective of this study is to promote improved cooperation among<br>Federal, State, and Local agencies by aligning the water governance of the<br>Klang Valley with worldwide norms. In addition to its local context, the<br>research makes a valuable contribution to the wider discussion on how to<br>effectively govern at multiple levels when faced with complex water<br>management difficulties. It offers valuable insights that may be used to<br>improve policy and practice, not only in Malaysia but also in similar contexts<br>around the world.</p> 2024-05-03T00:00:00+08:00 Copyright (c) 2024 AN INTEGRATIVE REVIEW ON FEMALE REPRODUCTIVE PATHOPHYSIOLOGY ACCORDING TO ISLAMIC PERSPECTIVE 2024-05-03T10:57:22+08:00 Maryam Syahidah Azalan Radiah Abdul Ghani <p>Islamic medical ethics provides Muslims with a crucial framework that<br>directs their lives in all spheres, including women's health. The intersection<br>of Islamic medical ethics with female reproductive physiology and pathology<br>is of paramount importance in today's diverse world, as it not only informs<br>ethical and moral guidelines but also has practical implications for Muslim<br>women's healthcare. However, how these medical ethics address the intricate<br>matters of female reproductive physiology remains to be studied. A<br>significant gap exists in the literature on how religious beliefs influence<br>understanding of biomedicine. Addressing this gap is crucial to ensure that<br>religious and medical guidelines align, ultimately benefiting the well-being<br>of Muslim women. A thorough search of the literature found the existing body<br>of literature emphasizing the relationship between Islamic medical ethics<br>and female reproductive pathophysiology. The scope, including female and<br>maternal health, highlighting menstruation, contraception, pregnancy,<br>childbirth, and fertility in conjunction with an Islamic viewpoint, was<br>identified and documented. The findings revealed that Islamic medical ethics<br>incorporate principles largely compatible with contemporary scientific<br>understanding of female reproductive pathophysiology. Key themes included<br>the importance of preserving life, protecting the mother's health, and the<br>prohibition of harm, which align well with the modern concept of<br>reproductive health. This study emphasizes the evolving knowledge of the<br>female reproductive system through an Islamic jurisprudence point of view.<br>It also highlights the importance of synchronizing religious and medical<br>guidelines to ensure the well-being of Muslim women. The findings may serve<br>as a foundational platform for future dialogues and collaborations between<br>scholars of Islamic jurisprudence and healthcare professionals. Ultimately,<br>this integration may lead to improved reproductive healthcare practices for<br>Muslim women, rooted in the convergence of religious and medical ethics.</p> 2024-05-03T00:00:00+08:00 Copyright (c) 2024 CHALLENGES FACING THE BANKING INDUSTRY POST COVID-19 2024-05-03T11:05:01+08:00 Wellens Mimi Maria Farizan Rosli Mahmood <p>The banking sector is vital to the global economy because it helps to make<br>financial operations like borrowing, investing, and storing money easier.<br>However, not all banks are able to survive in their respective industries due to<br>several challenges that they need to encounter such as customer acquisition<br>and retention, digital shifting, talent shock, and cyber security. Unfortunately,<br>the COVID-19 crisis has further exacerbated these challenges. Significantly,<br>one of the pre-crisis trends that accelerate the most after the pandemic is<br>digital disruption. Therefore, in order to face these challenges, it is crucial for<br>bank leaders to persist in making the necessary adjustments to adapt to the<br>‘new normal’, which for many represents a significant departure from precovid<br>times.</p> 2024-05-03T00:00:00+08:00 Copyright (c) 2024 CORPORATE CASH HOLDINGS IN THE NIGERIAN CAPITAL MARKET: AN ANALYSIS OF FINANCIALLY CONSTRAINED AND NON-FINANCIALLY CONSTRAINED COMPANIES 2024-05-03T11:14:20+08:00 Bazeet Olayemi Badru Ibrahim Ishola Abdurraheem <p>The purpose of this study is to determine the factors that influence the<br>corporate cash holdings of companies listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange<br>(NSE) between 2005 and 2019 using a static and dynamic panel regression<br>technique. Although a variety of factors have been studied in the past, it is<br>unclear whether factors affecting companies that are financially constrained<br>differ from non-financially constrained companies. The findings<br>demonstrated that cash flow, company size, and growth opportunities are<br>significant determinants of corporate cash holdings. In particular, the tradeoff<br>theory supports a negative association between cash flow and corporate<br>cash holdings, but the pecking order theory supports a positive association<br>between company size and corporate cash holdings. Growth opportunities,<br>on the other hand, is consistent with free cash flow theory and has a negative<br>relationship with corporate cash holdings.</p> 2024-05-03T00:00:00+08:00 Copyright (c) 2024 ENHANCING TEACHER WELL-BEING IN MALAYSIA: AN EXPLORATION OF JOB SATISFACTION - A CONCEPTUAL ANALYSIS 2024-05-03T11:17:30+08:00 Norbaiti Hanum Binti Hedzir Ahmad Effat Bin Mokhtar Fahmi Zaidi Bin Abdul Razak <p>This research article delves into the critical issue of job satisfaction among<br>teachers in Malaysia, acknowledging the pivotal role of education in national<br>development. The study emphasizes the evolving complexity of teachers' roles<br>and responsibilities and the necessity for continuous professional<br>development. Focusing on the importance of job satisfaction, the research<br>explores the challenges faced by teachers, including issues of credibility, lack<br>of focus, and increased workload, which contribute to dissatisfaction in<br>fulfilling their responsibilities. The definition of job satisfaction, drawing from<br>various studies, highlights its multifaceted nature, encompassing<br>psychological, physiological, and environmental factors that contribute to an<br>individual's contentment with their job. The article examines the scenario of<br>job satisfaction among teachers in Malaysia, citing instances of dissatisfaction<br>leading to early retirements and a casual approach towards teaching,<br>ultimately affecting student discipline. A comprehensive discussion integrates<br>findings from multiple studies conducted between 2014 and 2022, employing<br>various theories such as Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, Herzberg's Two-Factor<br>Theory, and communication models like Shannon and Weaver's. Notably,<br>Herzberg's Two-Factor Motivation Theory emerges as a recurrent framework<br>in these studies. The research highlights the moderate overall job satisfaction<br>among teachers, with specific dimensions such as promotion opportunities and<br>current work conditions exhibiting low satisfaction and heightened workrelated<br>stress. In conclusion, the study underscores the intricate interplay of<br>factors influencing teacher job satisfaction and advocates for a holistic<br>approach by schools and the government to enhance teacher well-being. The<br>research also notes a gap in exploring the impact of integrity and religiosity<br>on job satisfaction, suggesting a potential avenue for future research.<br>Enhancing teacher job satisfaction is deemed imperative for the improvement<br>of education quality and societal well-being.</p> 2024-05-03T00:00:00+08:00 Copyright (c) 2024 HOMESCHOOLING (PEMBELAJARAN DI RUMAH) SEBAGAI PENDEKATAN ALTERNATIF DALAM PENGAJARAN DAN PEMBELAJARAN (PdP) BAHASA ARAB UNTUK MURID SEKOLAH RENDAH B40 2024-05-03T11:22:14+08:00 Wan Nur Izzati Hazwani binti Kashfi Norhayati Che Hat Nurazan Mohmad Rouyan <p>Homeschooling adalah alternatif pendidikan yang berlaku di rumah di<br>bawah kawalan ibu bapa atau tenaga pengajar berpandukan kurikulum<br>tersendiri. Di Malaysia, konsep homeschooling mula mendapat tempat dan<br>mula diamalkan oleh kebanyakan keluarga yang memilih untuk mengambil<br>tanggungjawab mendidik anak-anak mereka mengikut acuan sendiri.<br>Terdapat banyak kelebihan homeschooling yang menyebabkan ibu bapa<br>memilih pendekatan ini, seperti aturan kurikulum tersendiri, tempoh masa<br>pembelajaran yang fleksibel, amalan komunikasi dan persekitaran yang<br>aktif, serta galakan terhadap sokongan moral dan lingkungan sosial yang<br>sihat. Justeru, kajian ini bertujuan untuk melihat keperluan pendekatan<br>alternatif homeschooling terhadap murid sekolah rendah B40 yang sering<br>dihubungkan dengan permasalahan pembelajaran dalam pelbagai subjek<br>harian sekolah, termasuklah subjek bahasa asing iaitu bahasa Arab. Fokus<br>kajian adalah mengenal pasti permasalahan pembelajaran dihadapi oleh<br>murid sekolah rendah B40 serta faktor-faktornya, seterusnya melihat<br>keperluan semasa homeschooling sebagai pendekatan dalam pengajaran<br>dan pembelajaran bagi subjek bahasa Arab. Satu kaji selidik telah<br>disebarkan kepada 30 orang responden terdiri daripada guru dan tutor<br>bahasa Arab di sekitar Kota Bharu dan Selangor yang mempunyai<br>beberapa ciri khusus. Data diperolehi telah dianalisis melalui perisian<br>komputer Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) versi<br>untuk melihat min dan peratusan hasil kajian. Hasil dapatan kajian<br>menunjukkan bahawa murid-murid B40 dilihat mengalami permasalahan<br>pembelajaran pada tahap sederhana tinggi berpunca daripada faktor yang<br>menyumbang kepada keciciran mereka (Min=3.30, SP=0.75). Manakala,<br>para responden menunjukkan kecenderungan yang tinggi terhadap<br>pengenalan pendekatan alternatif homeschooling (Min=4.28, SP=0.44)<br>serta kriteria pendekatan alternatif homeschooling dalam pengajaran dan<br>pembelajaran bahasa Arab untuk murid sekolah rendah B40 (Min=4.31,<br>SP=0.44). Kesimpulannya, terdapat keperluan semasa yang positif<br>terhadap homeschooling sebagai pendekatan dalam pengajaran dan pembelajaran bagi mata pelajaran bahasa Arab untuk murid sekolah rendah B40. Oleh itu, kerjasama dan sokongan pihak-pihak tertentu adalah<br>diperlukan dalam memastikan perkembangan dan pembangunan alternatif<br>homeschooling dimanfaatkan bersama untuk kepentingan pendidikan murid<br>B40.</p> 2024-05-03T00:00:00+08:00 Copyright (c) 2024 HUBUNGAN FAKTOR-FAKTOR PENYERTAAN GURU SEKOLAH RENDAH DI MERSING TERHADAP SAHAM WAKAF JOHOR : SATU KAJIAN RINTIS 2024-05-03T11:27:49+08:00 Junaida binti Basiron Mohd Zawavi bin Zainal Abidin Fahmi Zaidi bin Abd Razak <p>Waqf as an instrument of Islamic economic development has evolved from<br>tangible asset forms to waqf shares. Saham Wakaf Johor (SWJ) was<br>introduced in the state of Johor to encourage waqf practices in daily life.<br>However, from 2017 to 2021, there was a significant decline in SWJ shares,<br>with Mersing district recording the lowest collection compared to other<br>districts in Johor. This study aims to explore the factors influencing teachers'<br>participation in SWJ. A quantitative study using simple random sampling<br>technique involved 100 primary school teachers in the Mersing district as the<br>study sample. Data was collected using a questionnaire instrument and<br>analyzed using SmartPLS 4.0. The Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) was<br>employed, with four main factors: attitude, perceived behavioral control,<br>subjective norm, and promotion, tested in this study. The study findings<br>indicate that teachers' intention to participate in SWJ is moderately high,<br>indicating that teachers have a positive attitude and interest in SWJ. Two<br>factors, attitude and subjective norm, were found to be significantly<br>associated with teachers' intention to participate in SWJ. However, perceived<br>behavioral control and promotion were not found to be significant predictors<br>of teachers' intention to participate in SWJ. This study is important for<br>understanding teachers' perspectives on SWJ as a form of charity and support<br>for the sustainability of Islamic economics.</p> 2024-05-03T00:00:00+08:00 Copyright (c) 2024 ISU DAN CABARAN DALAM PENGAJARAN BAHASA ARAB DAN HAFAZAN AL-QURAN PENDIDIKAN AWAL KANAKKANAK 2024-05-03T11:32:00+08:00 Mohd Zaid bin Ismail Saipolbahrin bin Ramli Salmiza binti Abd Rahim <p>Bahasa Arab mempunyai kedudukan yang istimewa kepada umat Islam<br>kerana setiap amal ibadah yang dilaksanakan mempunyai kaitan langsung<br>kepada bahasa Arab. Menyedari hakikat ini, suatu kajian telah dilaksanakan<br>untuk melihat isu dan cabaran dalam pengajaran bahasa Arab dan hafazan<br>al-Quran pendidikan awal kanak-kanak. Pengajaran bahasa Arab dan<br>hafazan surah pendek telah dimasukkan dalam silibus kurikulum standard<br>prasekolah. Hal demikian, menunjukkan pentingnya mata pelajaran ini<br>kepada umat Islam. Namun malangnya penguasaan pelajar tadika terhadap<br>bahasa Arab dan hafazan al-Quran berada ditahap mendukacitakan, masalah<br>ini berpunca dari penguasaan kosa kata bahasa Arab yang lemah lalu<br>mengakibatkan kesukaran menguasai pembelajaran bahasa Arab. Justeru,<br>kajian ini dibuat untuk mengetahuai cabaran pengajaran bahasa Arab dan<br>hafazan al-Quran dikalangan murid pendidikan awal kanak-kanak. Kajian ini<br>adalah kajian kualitatif. Data dikumpul menggunakan kaedah temu bual<br>separa struktur yang dijalankan keatas lima orang responden iaitu pensyarah<br>IPT dari bidang pendidikan awal kanak-kanak, bahasa Arab, tahfiz dan<br>qiraat, dan serta guru-guru tadika. Data temubual direkod secara sistematik,<br>ditranskripsi dan dianalisa secara tematik dengan menggunakan perisian<br>Atlas-ti 9. Dapatan menunjukkan bahawa terdapat masalah dan cabaran<br>dikalangan guru dalam melaksanakan pengajaran dan pembelajaran<br>prasekolah antaranya seperti kesukaran akses rujukan berkaitan hafazan al-<br>Quran dan bahasa Arab serta ibubapa yang meletakkan sepenuhnya<br>tanggungjawab mendidik kepada guru. Secara implikasi, kajian ini memberi<br>informasi berkaitan keperluan modul pengajaran hafazan dan bahasa Arab<br>bagi membantu guru meningkatkan penguasaan subjek tersebut dalam<br>kalangan kanak-kanak prasekolah.</p> 2024-05-03T00:00:00+08:00 Copyright (c) 2024 KEBOLEHGUNAAN APLIKASI JAWLAH TIKTOK DALAM AKTIVITI PEMBELAJARAN DAN PEMUDAHCARAAN HURUF MUTAMATHILAH DALAM KALANGAN MURID SEKOLAH RENDAH 2024-05-03T11:39:36+08:00 Badariah Ruslan Saipolbahrin Ramli Mohd Azrilhisyam Rosden <p>This study aims to evaluate the usability of the Jawlah Tiktok application.<br>Jawlah Tiktok is an application resembling an alternative teaching aid (BBM)<br>for non-native students during the learning and facilitation activities (PdPc)<br>of elementary school students. The data shows that students face the problem<br>of mastering the pronunciation of mutamathilah letters well because these<br>letters have the same voice articulation area and letter properties. Therefore,<br>this study was developed as an effective medium in PdPc activities of<br>mutamathilah letters. This study uses the ADDIE Instructional Model with five<br>phases. The evaluation phase is the fifth phase and is an important phase in<br>the study of technology-based BBM development. There are various methods<br>that can be used in this phase that are compatible with the objectives of the<br>study. The researcher chooses an expert evaluation method that involves a<br>group of experts in the field. This usability evaluation process was carried out<br>by seven experts in the field. The USE questionnaire was analyzed using the<br>Percentage Calculation Method (PCM). The results of the study show the<br>usability of Jawlah Tiktok from the aspects of usefulness, ease of use, ease of<br>learning and satisfaction. This study will also provide new ideas, guidance<br>and information to primary school Arabic teachers to apply this BBM in the<br>classroom, especially for teaching mutamathilah letters.</p> 2024-05-03T00:00:00+08:00 Copyright (c) 2024 KERANGKA PEMBANGUNAN KIT E-TA'AM UNTUK PENGAJARAN HADITH DALAM KALANGAN MURID-MURID SEKOLAH 2024-05-03T17:07:42+08:00 Mohammad Najib bin Md. Norani Saipolbarin bin Ramli <p>Kajian ini merujuk kepada satu pembangunan projek inovasi dalam menghasilkan satu kit Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran (PdP) khususnya dalam membantu murid untuk menguasai kemahiran membaca teks untuk matapelajaran bahasa Arab dalam topik Adab Makan. Maka kajian ini dijalankan bertujuan untuk mendapatkan gambaran sebenar sikap dan penguasaan bahasa Arab murid Tahun 5 sekolah rendah yang terlibat dalam program j-QAF secara empirikal melalui pembangunan kit yang dikenali sebagai kit e-Ta’am. Sebanyak 40 buah hadis yang berkaitan dengan adab makan dimasukkan dalam kit ini. Kajian ini menggunakan pendekatan kualitatif dan kuantitatif dengan melibatkan soal selidik dan analisis data terhadap 357 orang murid daripada 357 buah sekolah terpilih di seluruh Malaysia yang merupakan sampel kajian. Seterusnya data ujian pra dan pos dianalisis menggunakan program SPSS bagi mengukur pencapaian di antara sampel sebelum dan selepas mereka menggunakan kit e-Ta'am. Manakala data pemerhatian dianalisis secara manual bagi menunjukkan perbandingan penguasaan bahasa Arab menggunakan teks hadith murid di antara sekolah bandar dan luar bandar. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan murid berhadapan dengan masalah untuk menguasai hadith yang berkaitan adab makan seperti yang terdapat dalam Kurikulum Standard Sekolah Rendah (KSSR) dengan baik. Antara faktor yang menyebabkan murid tidak dapat menguasai hadith adab makan dengan baik adalah kekurangan bahan interaktif yang digunakan dalam PdP. Oleh itu kajian ini dibangunkan sebagai medium alternatif untuk kegunaan murid dalam PdP hadith adab makan.</p> 2024-05-03T00:00:00+08:00 Copyright (c) 2024 KESEDIAAN DAN PENGETAHUAN TERHADAP PENGAJARAN DAN PEMBELAJARAN BERASASKAN TEKNOLOGI MUDAH ALIH DI KALANGAN GURU SAR KAFA DALAM MENINGKATKAN KUALITI GURU 2024-05-03T12:22:48+08:00 Mohd Mokhtarishah bin Mohamed Mokhtar Hasmadi bin Hassan <p>Kajian ini dijalankan untuk mengenal pasti tahap kesediaan dan pengetahuan<br>terhadap pengajaran dan pembelajaran berasaskan teknologi mudah alih di<br>kalangan guru Sekolah Agama Rakyat dan Kelas Al Quran dan Fardhu Ain<br>(SAR-KAFA). Kajian ini dicadangkan setelah melihat keperluan penggunaan<br>teknologi mudah alih dalam pendidikan sebagai alternatif terbaik untuk<br>tujuan pengajaran dan pembelajarann. Penggunaan teknologi mudah alih<br>mempercepatkan penyebaran ilmu pengetahuan dan memudahkan proses<br>pengajaran dan pembelajaran dari aspek masa, tempat dan kondisi semasa.<br>Oleh itu, kajian ini berpeluang melihat sejauh mana tahap kesediaan dan<br>pengetahuan dari aspek penggunaan dan sikap serta mengenalpasti masalah<br>yang dihadapi dalam pengajaran dan pembelajaran berasaskan teknologi<br>mudah alih. Melalui kajian ini juga dapat mengenalpasti jenis atau bentuk<br>pengajaran dan pembelajaran yang paling dominan dalam kalangan guru<br>SAR KAFA sama ada dalam bentuk video, audio, slaid, interaktif dan latihan.<br>Sampel kajian seramai 200 responden yang terdiri daripada guru SAR-KAFA<br>di 20 buah Sekolah Rendah dalam Daerah Kuantan. Satu set soal selidik yang<br>mengandungi 46 item dibina oleh penyelidik berdasarkan sumber-sumber<br>kajian dan diedarkan kepada responden. Manakala data yang diperolehi<br>dianalisis menggunakan perisian “Statistical Packages For Social Sciences”<br>(SPSS) versi 25.0. Penganalisaan data dibuat dengan menggunakan statistik<br>deskriptif iaitu peratusan, min dan sisihan lazim bagi menjawab persoalan<br>kajian. Sementara statistik inferensi iaitu Anova sehala, ujian-t dan kolerasi<br>digunakan untuk menguji hipotesis-hipotesis kajian. Hasil dapatan kajian ini<br>diharapkan dapat menyumbang kepada mengenalpasti tahap kesediaan dan<br>pengetahuan terhadap pengajaran dan pembelajaran menggunakan<br>teknologi mudah alih dan kualiti guru.</p> 2024-05-03T00:00:00+08:00 Copyright (c) 2024 KESEDIAAN E-PEMBELAJARAN DARI ASPEK SIKAP, LITERASI, FASILITI DAN AKSES TEKNOLOGI DALAM KALANGAN PELAJAR SEKOLAH MENENGAH AGAMA KERAJAAN NEGERI PAHANG 2024-05-03T12:35:04+08:00 Artika Rasul bin Sulaiman Hasmadi bin Hassan <p>This study aims to examine the actual level of readiness of Pahang State<br>Religious Secondary School (SMAN) students towards the e-learning<br>approach from the aspect of computer use attitudes and computer literacy as<br>well as the actual level of school education from the aspect of computer<br>facilities and access to technology. This study uses a quantitative quantitative<br>design approach aimed at deeply understanding the demographic factors<br>based on the student (gender, race, stream, family socioeconomic status,<br>mother and father's occupation and residential location) learning place<br>(student size and school location) in predicting aspects attitudes towards<br>computer usage, computer literacy, computer facilities and access to<br>technology. A total of 400 high school students will be selected by the<br>researchers in this study and the number is set to slightly exceed the number<br>of samples set by Krejcie and Morgan (1970) which is 384 samples to<br>represent a population of around one million people. This aims to provide a<br>generalization about the level of e-learning readiness for the entire student<br>population in SMAN. The research instrument uses questionnaire items based<br>on a 5-level Likert scale (strongly disagree, disagree, not sure, agree and<br>strongly agree). This questionnaire contains two main functions, the first is to<br>convey the demographic information of the respondents and the second is to<br>provide information in the form of measuring individual variables such as<br>attitudes towards computer use, computer literacy, computer facilities and<br>access to technology. For the purpose of analyzing the data, the researcher<br>used the Statistical Package for the Social Science (SPSS) program version<br>25.0. Thus, this study aims to contribute theoretically and practically to the<br>readiness of e-learning among Pahang State Religious High School (SMAN)<br>students by providing a framework that integrates with various sources. It is<br>hoped that this study will be able to offer new findings and insights that can<br>then be utilized.</p> 2024-05-03T00:00:00+08:00 Copyright (c) 2024 OWNERSHIP STRUCTURES AND FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE OF MALAYSIAN PUBLIC LISTED COMPANIES 2024-05-03T16:18:47+08:00 Armizi Mohd Zain <p>Through a comprehensive analysis, this study seeks to identify the recurring<br>themes in research on the ownership structures and financial performance of<br>Malaysian Public Listed Companies (MPLCs). Government ownership<br>(GOV), family ownership (FAM), and foreign ownership are the common<br>research areas into ownership structure (FOR). It has been found that<br>ownership structures significantly affect MPLCs' financial performance.<br>Government ownership has a negative connection with financial<br>performance, but family ownership and director ownership have good<br>connections. Foreign possession and cross-ownership did not exhibit any<br>notable effects. The study suggests that family-controlled firms have a<br>competitive advantage, while government-owned firms need to improve their<br>corporate governance practices to enhance their financial performance. The<br>study concludes that ownership structures play a vital role in determining the<br>financial performance of MPLCs. Family-controlled firms perform better<br>than government-owned firms in Malaysia, and the government needs to<br>enhance corporate governance practices to improve the financial<br>performance of government-linked companies. Future research can improve<br>by considering various ownership structures as independent variables such<br>as group ownership, cross-ownership, director ownership, institutional<br>ownership, and state ownership. Other factors, such as corporate governance<br>components, can also be investigated, including board composition, board<br>practices, director qualifications, professionalism, transparency, and<br>disclosure, among others. Exploring these factors could lead to a more<br>comprehensive understanding of how ownership structures and corporate<br>governance affect firm performance.</p> 2024-05-03T00:00:00+08:00 Copyright (c) 2024 PEMAHAMANAN KAEDAH FIQH DI KALANGAN PELAJAR: SATU SOROTAN 2024-05-03T16:22:35+08:00 Hasminuddin Hashim Fakhruddin Ishak <p>Pelbagai penyelidikan baru-baru ini di Malaysia telah mengkaji aplikasi<br>Kaedah Fiqh. Walau bagaimanapun, penyelidikan ini tidak menumpukan<br>secara khusus pada kajian Kaedah Fiqh itu sendiri. Kajian meneroka<br>penggunaan prinsip Fiqh sebagai garis panduan semasa wabak COVID-19,<br>isu berkaitan darah wanita, dan pelaksanaan Kaedah Fiqh dalam masyarakat<br>majmuk. Selain itu, penekanan juga diberikan kepada keperluan untuk<br>menggunakan kaedah Fiqh dalam bidang perniagaan. Ini termasuk<br>menentukan persyaratan yang diperlukan untuk kontrak dobi layan diri Islam.<br>Selain itu, kajian ini menunjukkan betapa pentingnya prinsip Maqasid<br>Syariah dalam penyelesaian hukum. Secara keseluruhan, kajian ini<br>menekankan peranan dan kepentingan Kaedah Fiqh dalam masyarakat<br>kontemporari, termasuk dalam bidang hukum, perniagaan dan kehidupan<br>seharian.</p> 2024-05-03T00:00:00+08:00 Copyright (c) 2024 PSYCHOSOCIAL WORK ENVIRONMENTS AND WELL-BEING AMONG EMPLOYEES: FINDINGS FROM SYSTEMATIC REVIEW 2024-05-03T16:26:29+08:00 Errna Nadhirah binti Kamalulil Siti Aisyah binti Panatik <p>The well-being of employees is a major issue these days due to personal and<br>work factors. One of the factors affecting employees’ well-being is their<br>psychosocial work environment. Therefore, this systematic review aimed to<br>summarize the research knowledge about the relationship between<br>psychosocial work environments and well-being among employees from<br>various contexts. Following the PRISMA checklist, relevant quantitative<br>studies published from year 2000 to 2023 were retrieved from Web of Science<br>(WoS), Scopus and Google Scholar electronic databases and then<br>systematically reviewed. From a total of 25 initial titles, eight cross-sectional<br>studies were selected and evaluated with the Appraisal tool for Cross-<br>Sectional Studies (AXIS tool). The extracted data from the included studies<br>were summarized narratively. Well-being was mainly examined in terms of<br>psychological well-being and job satisfaction. Meanwhile, the core measures<br>for psychosocial work environment inclusive of job demands and job control.<br>Based on the findings from these studies, there is significant influence of<br>psychosocial work environments on employees’ well-being from different<br>settings. Therefore, policymakers and managers across various<br>organizational settings need to acknowledge that the psychosocial work<br>environments are crucial to foster positive well-being among employees at the<br>workplace.</p> 2024-05-03T00:00:00+08:00 Copyright (c) 2024 SPIRITUAL CARE IN PALLIATIVE CONTEXTS: PERSPECTIVES FROM HINDU FAMILY CAREGIVERS – A SCOPING REVIEW 2024-05-06T09:47:37+08:00 Mohamad Firdaus Mohamad Ismail Nurul Syakila Izzati Mohd Romzi Siti Zuhaidah Shahadan <p>This scoping review examines spiritual care in palliative settings from the perspective of Hindu family caregivers, utilizing articles from ProQuest, ScienceDirect, and PubMed, and applying the Joanna Briggs Institute Critical Appraisal Tool. By analyzing eleven studies published between 2019 and 2023, we uncover how Hindu spirituality influences care at the end of life, highlighting themes such as the Concept of Death, Spiritual Needs, and Caregiving Challenges. Findings reveal the critical role of family in providing spiritual support, the blend of religious rituals with caregiving, and the array of challenges faced by caregivers, including emotional and financial burdens. The review advocates for palliative care models that integrate Hindu spiritual practices, addressing the need for culturally sensitive care that respects the spiritual beliefs of Hindu patients and their caregivers. Ultimately, this review underscores the necessity of a holistic approach to palliative care that accommodates spiritual needs within Hindu families. It advocates for the inclusion of transcultural care principles, especially significant for Muslim nurses who are prominently represented in the profession. By integrating these insights, healthcare providers can offer culturally sensitive and spiritually respectful care to patients of diverse backgrounds. This approach not only bridges cultural divides but also enriches the palliative care experience for all involved.</p> 2024-04-30T00:00:00+08:00 Copyright (c) 2024 THE INFLUENCE OF IMPULSIVITY AND ANTI-SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR ON ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE OF UNIVERSITY UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS IN NIGERIA 2024-05-03T16:49:43+08:00 Kabara Auwal Halabi Masitah Shahrill Roslinawati Roslan Mazlini Adnan <p>Many personal and societal harm is caused by negative behaviour, which<br>usually involved antisocial behaviour practices. Such behaviour tends to<br>mislead youth, and consequently affect their academic performance. The<br>current study investigates the effects of impulsivity, anti-social behaviour on<br>academic performance. A total of 379 survey questionnaire were distributed<br>to the undergraduate students in Nigeria. A statistical analysis was conducted<br>using structural equation modelling with Smart-Partial Least Squares (PLS).<br>The findings of the study revealed that there is a significant negative<br>correlation on antisocial behaviour and academic performance, while<br>significant relationship between impulsivity and academic performance was<br>indicated. The practical and research implications of these findings are<br>discussed as well as the justification of the rejected hypothesis. This study<br>suggests that Stakeholders in education should provide recommendations<br>based on the enforcement of relevant laws to limit students' actions without<br>thinking, expedite cognitive decision-making, and encourage students to<br>demonstrate positive attitudes toward academic activities. Similarly, it is<br>suggested that universities generally employ student-engagement measures to<br>ensure that students understand their purpose for attending and complete the<br>programs they are enrolled into.</p> 2024-05-03T00:00:00+08:00 Copyright (c) 2024 THE ROLE OF RELIGION IN ECONOMIC DECISION MAKING 2024-05-08T08:43:13+08:00 Diah Bardiah Saeed Herawi <p>This study aims to investigate the influence of religion on economic decision-making in contemporary society. This study employs a quantitative survey technique to acquire a comprehensive knowledge of the complexities of the variables that impact economic decisions, as well as the consequences of these results in the context of inclusive and sustainable economic policy. The study includes 164 volunteers ranging in age from 17 to 28 years, 28 to 46 years, 46 to 58 years, and over 59 years. According to the survey data, religion has a significant influence on attitudes about investment and consumption. The findings of this study have significant implications for designing inclusive economic policies. Good religious education can help deepen individuals' understanding of how religious values can be integrated into their economic decisions.</p> 2024-04-30T00:00:00+08:00 Copyright (c) 2024