Jurnal Al-Sirat https://ejournal.unipsas.edu.my/index.php/alsirat Jurnal Al-Sirat Penerbit KUIPSAS en-US Jurnal Al-Sirat 1823-4313 ANXIETY AMONG LOW-INCOME FAMILIES DURING THE PANDEMIC COVID-19 https://ejournal.unipsas.edu.my/index.php/alsirat/article/view/275 <p>The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic that hit the country in March 2020 led to changes in various sectors including the education, economic, tourism and so on. Concerns due to the recession as well as the increase in the number of cases has a significant impact on the community, especially in low -income families. The B40 group is made up of households earning less than RM 4,300.00 a month. This study was to identify the level of anxiety among low-income families (B40) using the Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale (DASS-21) questionnaire instrument. There are two sections in the questionnaire: Section A (Demographic) and Section B (DASS-21). A total of 128 respondents involved in this study included B40 groups throughout the Pahang state district. The findings showed anxiety among the B40 groups during the COVID-19 (min = 1.872), the second highest mean after stress. Therefore, the authorities need to take appropriate initiatives so that mental health levels among the B40 can be improved and reduce the statistics of mental illness in Malaysia.</p> Mohd Fikri Mohd Mokhtar Raja Nurul Hafizah Raja Ismail Copyright (c) 2023 2023-02-07 2023-02-07 23 1 1 6 BIBLIOMETRIC ANALYSIS ON STUDIES RELATED TO RELIGIOUS TELEVISION PROGRAM IN MALAYSIA https://ejournal.unipsas.edu.my/index.php/alsirat/article/view/276 <p>Television broadcast media has played a significant role in cultivating Dakwah Islamiah<br>in Malaysia. This positive progress leads to the elevation of religious broadcasting<br>programs, in line with the increase of viewer interest towards these types of programs,<br>and the manpower required to aid the interested parties is easily accessible nowadays.<br>This scenario has intrigued researchers to carry out studies regarding this topic to<br>provide authorized data and input to the benefit of the concerned parties. Thus, the<br>objective of this study is to identify and classify literatures and studies related to Islamic<br>television programs. The methodology used is bibliometric analysis towards the<br>literatures gathered from various sources such as thesis, dissertations, articles,<br>proceeding papers, chapters in books, and books. The process of collecting data is<br>produced through searching in article databases, libraries, and websites related to the<br>topic. The result shows that 124 literatures had been found from different type of studies,<br>and themes discussed, which are written in Malay and English languages. This finding<br>indicates that further studies need to be carried out with regards to analysis study on the<br>originality of the content used in the programs, and field study on the need and tendency<br>of the viewers. Furthermore, this study gives a positive implication for the interested<br>parties to produce a competitive religious television program by using attractive and<br>comprehensible contents.</p> Nur Afifi bin Alit Shumsudin Yabi Mohd Yusuf bin Ismail Copyright (c) 2023 2023-02-07 2023-02-07 23 1 7 24 A STUDY OF THE EFFECTIVENESS OF IQRA' COMPARING METHODS OF BAGHDADI, AL-BARQY AND ABAHATA AL-JABARI ON STUDENT EFFECTIVENESS IN PAHANG TOWN DISTRICT https://ejournal.unipsas.edu.my/index.php/alsirat/article/view/277 <p>This study was conducted to identify the success of the Iqra' method implemented in PdPc khatam al-Quran and tasmic in all national schools in Pekan district, Pahang. This study involved a total of 181 respondents consisting of 100 students from eight schools in Pekan district, 40 Pekan district Islamic education teachers (GPI) and 41 randomly selected guardian parents. The data obtained was analyzed using IBM SPSS software (Statistical Package Social Science) version 20 which was presented in the form of frequency, percentage and mean. In order to strengthen the quantitative research, methods of observation, interview and library research were carried out. As a result, this study found that the achievement of al-Quran for students in the Pekan district is at a moderate level, which is 51.57% proficient, the teacher's perception of the Iqra' method is at a moderate level with an average mean=3.63, the students' perception of the Iqra' method is at a high level with an average mean=3.91 and the perception of guardian parents is at a high level with an average mean=3.71. While the results of the observation, interview and library methods conducted found that the methods of al-Baghdadi, al-Barqy and Abahata al-Jabari are able to have a better impact on the development of students in the Pekan district to master the Quranic skills within the time period set by the Ministry of Education Malaysia (MOF).</p> Azrul Hisyam bin Mohamad Rasidi Muhammad Fadlly bin Ismail Copyright (c) 2023 2023-02-07 2023-02-07 23 1 25 41 TIME MANAGEMENT AND ITS ROLE IN ADVANCING THE ISLAMIC DA'WAH https://ejournal.unipsas.edu.my/index.php/alsirat/article/view/278 <p>Undoubtedly, time is of great importance in a person’s life, and Islam urges investing in it, benefiting from it, and making good use of it, because time is life. Therefore, this study was about the importance of time management; And its impact on the advancement of the Islamic da'wah. This research contains the definition of time management, which means: making use of time by distributing it, controlling it, organizing it and investing it in what is beneficial to the individual and society. The research presented the interest of Islam in managing time and preserving it, by presenting the Qur’anic verses and hadiths of the Prophet, and the attitudes of the Companions that show the importance and value of time; Time management in Islam is not in a narrow sense as it is in the field of management related to work only, rather it is more general and comprehensive, and this concern stems from; That a Muslim is responsible for his time on the Day of Resurrection. The study also showed the impact of time management in advancing the Islamic call. The study showed the basics of the administrative process. Which is based on several basic things; of planning, organizing, directing, and controlling.</p> محمد إبراهيم الشربيني صقر Copyright (c) 2023 2023-02-07 2023-02-07 23 1 42 51 THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD OF FATWA IN THE TIME OF THE SCIENTIFIC ENLIGHTENMENT OF FUNDAMENTAL STUDIES https://ejournal.unipsas.edu.my/index.php/alsirat/article/view/279 <p>Fatwas are one of the important elements in religion and need to be preserved so that they are not arbitrarily issued, especially depending only on memorization without following the rules and scientific methods of fatwas developed by scholars to protect religion and the world. Therefore, there is a need to ensure the rules set by the scholars and apply these fatwas to the current situation while combining them with the scholars of the past in order to meet the needs of today's society that is plagued by epidemics and hardships. This method of research was the method of interpretation, and questions what are the stages of issuing fatwa and to answer it, the article was prepared with a preface containing the terms related to the fatwa.</p> ربيع محمد محمد عبد الرحمن Copyright (c) 2023 2023-02-07 2023-02-07 23 1 52 63 EFFECTIVENESS OF USING CODE-SWITCHING AND THE PERCEPTIONS OF TEACHERS IN PRACTICING CODE-SWITCHING IN ENGLISH CLASSROOMS IN SMK USJ 23, SELANGOR https://ejournal.unipsas.edu.my/index.php/alsirat/article/view/280 <p>This research was conducted to find out the effectiveness of using code-switching and the perceptions of teachers in practicing code-switching in SMK USJ 23, Subang, Selangor. The primary objective of this study was to provide an insight and description on the perspectives of English teachers on their usage of code-switching in English classrooms in SMK USJ 23, Subang, Selangor. The study was also carried out to inspect the perceptions of the teachers on the effectiveness of the use of code-switching in the English classrooms. The participants in this research consisted of 10 actively teaching teachers of SMK USJ 23. This research was qualitative and quantitative in nature. The findings were collected using questionnaires and interviews. The findings showed that the application of the code-switching method in the English classroom was acceptable and widely practiced among the teachers. The code-switching method also improved students’ participation and interest in learning the English language. This research is vital in improving the approach on teaching English as a second language in Malaysians classroom, focusing on the code-switching method.</p> Farah Syuhada Roslan Noorzaina Idris Jelani Sulaiman Copyright (c) 2023 2023-01-31 2023-01-31 23 1 64 74