Role of Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) in Protecting the Institution of Family Today


  • Ruqaia Taha Alalwani University of Bahrain


Prophet Muhammad (SAWS), Family, Challenges, Homosexuality


The family is the cornerstone of human society regardless of location, race, color or belief. It is the axis around which various human and social interactions revolve. Thus, all divine religions –Judaism, Christianity, and Islam - give special attention to the rules related to the family entity in order to ensure its efficiency and continuation. However, today’s family is facing many challenges which target the legitimacy of its existence. Across the globe, many deviant trends have emerged, at odds with everything revealed in the divine religions. Such trends have started to shake the foundations of this basic unit of human life, and threaten its cohesion and continuance. The request to legitimize homosexuality, or the so-called marriage between same sex couples, is one of the major challenges threatening the family unit in Western societies nowadays. This paper examines the role of Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) in protecting the family in general against various challenges including the legitimization of homosexuality. Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) played a vital role in protecting the institution of family through the practicing teachings of Islam.