Prophetic Seerah Approach on Qualitative Research in Management


  • Suhaimi Mhd Sarif IIUM
  • Yusof Ismail IIUM
  • Dolhadi Zainudin IIUM


Prophetic Seerah, Qualitative research, Tawhidic paradigm, Methodology


Prophetic Seerah approach to qualitative research in management provides ontology, epistemology and methodology from prophetic way in contributing to knowledge for various topics in management with rigorous authentication dimension. The authentication approach is based on the Tawhidic paradigm, that is from the revelation through hadiths and sunnah. Qualitative research in management uses cross disciplinary studies to contribute to the body of knowledge in management. There have been realism, constructionism and pragmatism paradigms used in the research of management with issues with trustworthiness of the research findings. Adding the research paradigm with the Tawhidic paradigm provides an alternative research paradigm. The triangulation approach in authentication of Prophetic Seerah contributes to the trustworthiness of qualitative research. This study obtained feedback through personal interview from qualitative social researchers pertaining to the inclination on applying Prophetic Seerah approach Tawhidic Paradigm together with the strict authentication process. The respondents gave positive inclination on the application of Tawhidic Paradigm given the holistic, comprehensive and balanced ontology, epistemology and methodology. Most importantly, the triangulation authentication in Prophetic Seerah contributes to trustworthiness in qualitative research findings.