Hadith as a Source of Reference for Creative Thinking and Problem Solving among Muslim Students in Tertiary Education


  • Jelani Sulaiman UnIPSAS


Hadith, creative thinking, problem solving


The purpose of this paper is to highlight the relevance of Hadith in promoting creative thinking and problem solving among Muslim students at the tertiary level of education. This paper also emphasizes the importance of Hadith in providing guidance and examples to the future generation of Muslims in adopting creativity in thinking and in seeking appropriate solutions to life problems and issues. In addition, it seeks to address the importance of awareness among the young Muslim generation in making correct decisions relating to future endeavours in the challenging era of Industrial Revolution 4.0 and the impending era of Industrial Revolution 5.0. This paper is basically conceptual in nature. However, elements of quantitative data gathered by survey are included when addressing students’ perception and outlook of Hadith and their application in the context of creative thinking and problem solving.