Congregational Prayers Hadith Of Constant 27 In Quantum Physics Dynivity On Interference Based Hahslm 472319 Through Economic Covid-19 Era


  • RM Aziz State Islamic University Jakarta


salat, worshipers, 27, quantum, hahslm 472319


The purpose of this research is to analyze the constant number of 27 of the prophet hadith based on the interference phenomenon in quantum physics according to the model of hahslm 472319 in the economic covid-19 era. Constant 27 means 27 degrees or containing a digital number of 2 and 7 are empirical in quantum physics. Research objects are the prophet hadith about congregational payers and 27, water waves, and roikhan formulas. This research is a desk study through the journal, book, and electronic media. The methodology used is dynivity and reflexivity with the formula method of hahslm 472319. The result is a constant of 27 that emerge from congregation prayers in prophet's hadith about the ultimate of salat jamaah is reflected in modern physics by the interference of water waves. Two drops of water are repeated over to form waves of water that are intersecting, compressing, and forming circular patterns. The pattern formed by these wave overlays results in a circle of seven or hexagon. This hexagon or seven circles with the 7th circle in the middle and another 6 circles around the center. The constant alignment of these twenty-seven became a function of quantum physics that reflexivity of congregation prayers. Salat still can be held in this covid-19 economic era.