Analysis Of e-Commerce Business In The Characteristic Perspective Of The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)


  • Slamet Wiharto Trisakti University


Business, E-Commerce, Entrepreneur, Prophet Muhammad PBUH, Trust


Prophet Muhammad PBUH is the most influential figure in the world and has five characteristics that are very attached to him, siddiq, amanah, fathonah, istiqomah and tabligh. The nature of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH as a role model for the people in the world. Based on this, the purpose of this study is to analyze of the e-commerce business using the characteristics of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH in order to find an ideal e-commerce business for startup who are going to run this e-commerce business, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. This research is a qualitative research, descriptive analysis by collecting from various sources, literature, theory and so on regarding the characteristics of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH and to analyze the e-commerce business. The resulted of this study state that the five characteristics of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH are found in the e-commerce business which is very popular and success of the e-commerce business. These five characteristics can build trust in the e-commerce business. There is also a need for a comprehensive implementation of the characteristics of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH in an ideal e-commerce business, with the main priority being the characteristics of fathonah/benevolence because it is related to technology updates then siddiq/integrity, consistency/istiqomah, communicative/tabligh and ability/amanah, so youths should be able to becoming e-commerce entrepreneurs by implementing the characteristics of the prophet's character, so that prosperity can be realized that it will have implications for profits and wellbeing, for mankind and increasing the economy, especially in the pandemic of Covid-19.