• Amilrudin Ishak KUIPSAS


Arabic, analysis, communication, curriculum, textbook


Textbooks are an important document to guide pupils, teachers and education related parties in interpreting the philosophy and principles of a curriculum in order to achieve the goals and objectives outlined. Therefore, textbooks must support the curriculum's needs and be able to translate it. The writing of the al-Qafilah al-Arabiah textbook is to fulfill the needs of the form one Pahang Religious Secondary Schools students who have just started schooling in religious schools. This book is complementary to the al-Azhar Curriculum system adopted at all Pahang Religious Secondary Schools. The purpose of this study is to analyze the communication elements in the textbook content, language use and design. In addition, this study also aims to list the strengths in this textbook and its weaknesses. This study uses a descriptive qualitative study using content analysis instruments. Content analysis is conducted on the al-Qafilah al-Arabiah Form One textbook. Analysis is conducted on three main sections of textbooks namely content, language use and design. This study finds that this book is suitable as a teaching and learning material in the form one at Pahang Religious Secondary Schools because the content and composition of this book meets the curriculum requirements. The contents of this book are comprehensive, popular and familiar and close to the students. From a language perspective, this book emphasizes the ability of the language as well as the ability to communicate. The advantage of this textbook is that the language used is standard Arabic, simple, concrete and culturally mixed Malay and Arabic. The titles are organized systematically, and are furnished with many illustrated colored images. The only drawback or disadvantages of this book is that its design and layout are less organized. Proposed improvements that can be raised is that publishers improve the design and layout of graphic materials and alter the font size larger and more suitable to form one students.




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